3 Important Types of Insurance Coverage Everyone Needs

Insurance is a type of financial protection that keeps consumers safe after an accident, injury, or mishap has caused damage. Dozens of types of insurance are designed to provide protection in just about any imaginable faucet of life. Some of those coverages are more important than others, like the three types below. The three types of insurance coverage listed below are sold at a palm coast insurance agency and very important for every Florida homeowner to carry at all times.

Auto Insurance

State laws require drivers in the state to carry mandatory minimum amounts of auto insurance on all registered vehicles in the state. Failure to carry this coverage is a crime that may result in suspension of your driving privileges and vehicle registration. Auto insurance required in the state covers the expense that the other driver endures in an at fault accident, up to the policy amount. This is money you’d be forced to pay if insurance was not in place.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance covers accidents and mishaps that occur at the home and to the structures of the home. Many policies also include coverage for break-ins and damage to the vehicles in the driveway or garage at the home. Your HOA may require that you carry home insurance but it’s a good idea to carry it in situations even when it is not required. Many areas in Florida are in flood zone areas, thus also require flood insurance.

Life Insurance

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Life insurance is valuable protection that covers final expenses and provides your family with a nest age after your departure from this life. Tomorrow is never promised. That is why it is important that you take the time today to purchase this valuable coverage. You’ll appreciate the peace of mind and comfort.