Beware of Common Tax Season Scams

Scams are out there all year long but it seems they are most popular during tax season. There are many reasons for an increase in tax scams at tax season. Some people want to steal your refund before it reaches your hands while others want to take it once you receive the cash. Read below to learn more about some of the most common tax scams out there and protect yourself.

Phishing Scams

A phishing scam can happen any time of the year but is common at tax time. This scam is an attack that aims to steal your personal information. You may become the victim of such scam without realizing what’s happened. If you receive an email from a tax preparation company, don’t click the email. Instead, use your browse to type in the website and visit it from this page.

Phone Scams

Do not accept any calls from anyone who claims to be with the IRS. They’ll never call you by phone concerning any tax matters. IRS officials never call, email, or text and will never ask for money, credit card numbers, or make threats of arrest or deportation or other types of problems.

Tax Preparation Fraud

Tax preparation Bel Air

Tax prep fraud is very realistic. Thousands of people have been victimized by the scams over the years and many will again this tax season.  There are far more honest Tax preparation Bel Air providers out there who can help you prepare taxes, so do keep this in mind. When you compare the choices, it is easy to find an industry leader.

Scams during tax season can really cause you to endure a bad year if you fall victim. The information above is designed to prevent you from becoming the next victim of such a scam. These scams are some of the many that can come around so use your instincts and protect yourself against scams!